More Frequently Asked Questions

Do people ever have an allergic reaction to permanent makeup?

The chances of developing an allergic reaction to pigments is extremely remote.  Less than 1% in over  100,000 permanent cosmetic procedures resulted in an allergic reaction, according to "Micro Pigmentation, State of the Art" by Charles S. Zwerling, M.D. 

What is a good age to have permanent makeup procedures done? 

It is never too late or too early to enjoy permanent makeup.  Whatever your age, permanent makeup can eliminate that dreaded washed out look we all hate.  At any age you will wonder how you were ever able to get along without permanent makeup before.

Will permanent makeup still look good as you get older and the skin changes?

As long as you look good with makeup, you will look good with permanent makeup.  There is really no age where you have to stop using makeup because of the skin aging.  If your concerned the permanent makeup may look a little too dark on you in the future don't worry.  Remember, permanent makeup will get lighter with time. 

Will I be able to see each procedure drawn on before the procedure is started?

Yes! This is a very important step and can be fun.  The brows, lips and/or eyeliner will be drawn on to enhance your facial features first, and of course to your satisfaction, before the procedure is started.  The nice thing is that it is going to stay with you, enhancing what you do have and it won't wash off like other temporary makeovers do.

What is involved in the aftercare and long term care for permanent makeup procedures?

Aftercare is keeping it dry and using ointment during healing process sparingly.  Generally, the long-term care for any of the procedures is to use a good sunscreen daily and be careful with the bleaching and any exfoliating creams; just try to keep it away from your permanent makeup as much as possible.