3D Areola Tattoo

Per consultation*

*Starting at $375 per side


Permanent Makeup

full lips


dermal rolling

Per consultation*

*First treatment plus home care and roller - $125



3D Areola Tattoo/Reconstruction

clinical needling(Scar Reduction)

Per consultation*

*Starting at $50


Full fill or hairstrokes



$375 (Upper & Lower)

$250 (Upper)

$125 (Lower)


It is important that you choose a permanent cosmetic artist with advanced training.  As a client, I have encountered some less than ideal permanent cosmetic work.  As a breast cancer survivor, I have seen the need for more 3D areola tattoo reconstruction artists.  Therefore, I researched and selected an advanced apprenticeship as a paramedical cosmetic tattoo artist having accumulated more than 1200 credit hours of class time and hands on training with world renowned John Hashey.  My passion for this journey is to enhance your natural beauty as well as improve cancer survivors self-confidence.

"True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others."